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About El Campeon Inc

Don Jesus ~ Originally from "the Valley of Warm Land" (Michoacan, Mexico), Don Jesus began working at the very young age of 6, as an assistant in the city's slaughterhouse. His work day began at 1am, and he brought home a wage of a mere 10¢ per day! As he grew older, his various jobs included shoe shining (at 5¢ per shine) and cutting sugarcane earning 25¢ per day. No matter what money he earned, his integrity and strong family values prompted him to consistently contribute his entire income to his household By the age of 18, he had enough money saved to set up his own business, which grew from a simple meat market into a full service grocery store - much like El Campeon is today. Don Jesus now plays an active role in the El Campeon business as its principal business consultant.
Dona Salud ~ At age 8 Dona Salud was taught responsibility and care within the home, family and church. She helped her mother around the house with domestic chores and self-care. Today, she plays an active role in the El Campeon business, managing accounts and finances. Her humble and warm family upbringing continues to manifest as she offers unconditional support and love to her family.
The Gonzalez Children ~ Manuel, Jorge, Ricardo, Hilario, Sergio, Francisco, Guadalupe, Blanca, Ana-Maria __________. The children learned at an early age, the skills needed to run and work in family business. They all now contribute to the success of El Campeon!